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Codeta Online Casino has more than 80 live dealer tables which make it an ideal gambling arena for live casino players, both newbies, and experts. The wide game selection at Codeta also includes RNG table games, video slots, and card games but the management’s attention focused on live dealer games which resulted to a massive following because of nearly perfect operations. Casino visitors can also enjoy watching tutorial videos, Codeta bonus and Codeta free spins on how to play live dealer games at Codeta Sweden. Apart from this, there are also useful guides, helpful tips and easy-to-follow instructions presented on the website.

The previous article enumerates three of the most popular live dealer games. Now, this article serves as a continuation and mentions the other four. It includes variants of the previously mentioned which is an improvement that caters to a specific audience or preference. Let go over it.

Codeta casino review: French Roulette

French Roulette takes pride in utilizing a decent table layout which contains a number of a single zero and from 1 to 36. A casino player can decide if he wants to use a 3D view or a classic view of the roulette table. It functions well on any type of devices whether it's iPhone, iPad or any android-supported devices. You don’t need to worry because you can play this live dealer game 24/7. French Roulette makes use high definition quality, same as what you see in televisions. But audio and video stream quality change when the used internet connection exhibits poor speed. Moreover, it is set in an ambiance great for gambling with professional dealers. It features a compact user interface which is instinctive and straightforward. A casino player can change the table view on his/her discretion and can even view the statistics for the current 500 spins.  He/she can also adjust the video and sound game setting and keep favorite bets. Also, this live dealer game has a built-in live chat feature which allows the player to engage in a small conversation with other players and the dealer. Played with La Partage rule, the French Roulette applies different even-money bets. It is highly-entertaining and mind-boggling!

European Roulette

European Roulette produced by Evolution Gaming is a top-quality and highly-entertaining live dealer game lead by decent and smart dealers with exceptional English skills suitable for all. Tagged as a classic roulette incorporated with a single zero, it boasts a European-style themed table consists of a racetrack for generating call bets, and portable number feature showing statistics from the last 500 rounds. Mobile casino players need not worry because this game is compatible with iOS and Android-powered devices and provides a high-definition video stream quality which can automatically fit the player’s internet speed. It accepts all types of standard bets including neighbor types and has a built-in track and main betting field placed under the wheel. Players can enjoy gambling and are given only 15 seconds for betting after a spin. A timer built under the wheel informs the players regarding the type before taking a new spin. If questions arise, a chat window is available on the wheel’s left. This also allows players to chitchat with other players and the dealer at the table. Unfortunately, this outstanding game doesn’t have any demo mode. You must pay to play.

Baccarat Squeeze By Evolution Gaming

Live Baccarat Squeeze is an improved version of the classic Live Baccarat game incorporating an element of suspense to increase its playability. Presented on a high-definition format, spectators can stream this game through more than 15 webcams. Professional dealers are running the game table, dealing the cards, explaining the game and replies to questions and concerns sent by players via the live chat box. The dealer hands two cards each both to the banker and the player, with one out of four cars facing down. Then, the dealer bends the face-down card by squeezing slightly its front edge facing closest to the webcam and eventually switching it to face up. This generates an exciting build upon the result which liked by most of the live baccarat fans. Together with the Player, the Banker and Tie (three standard bets), a player can put two side bets on any of the two initial cards eventually making a pair. Four scoreboards presented on the live screen which shows the results of the current round to remind players in making a wiser betting decision.  This scoreboard disappears when a new card shoe is handed down by the professional dealer. It is truly exciting and challenges the way you think. In addition, Live Baccarat Squeeze works well with all devices and has a no-download version.

Live Blackjack By Evolution Gaming

Last but not the least, the remaining four popular live dealer games is the Live Blackjack. Produced by Evolution gaming, this casino game makes use of 8 decks in the shoe and solely based from the classic blackjack rules.

• The dealer must stand on all 17’s.

• Dealer’s ace is viable for insurance.

• Any tie is a push.

• Implements splitting and no re-splitting.

• Blackjack pays 3 to 2 while insurance pays 2 to 1

A standard table consists of seven seats. Players can have normal bet and can also generate two side bets such 21+3 and Perfect Pair. Live Blackjack’s detailed rules are shown on its site by clicking the question mark button located on the game screen’s top right corner. This game functions well in all mobile devices supported by iOS and Android. It features automatic and controllable view options and is capable to switch in a full-screen mode. The video streams make use of an HD quality but can automatically change if internet speeds are slower. It has a built-in chat window used for immediate concerns and chitchat among the players and the dealer. Live Blackjack is a browser-based game which is not available in free play mode and has no downloadable version. So take a risk in playing, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind experience!

These live dealer games are a good catch in case you are looking for unimaginable winnings and high entertainment. You just need to be observant and smart when betting. Try all of these at Codeta Casino, always available 24/7!

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