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Bonuser: 1000kr i bonus + 250 free spins

Date created: 1987

License: Malta

Contact Us: Live Support


Bertils casino is an online platform which contains most of the game choices. The casino games you have ever known are provided on their original internet site. They brought forward the most popular ones to their visitors and gives them a head start with their welcome bonuses. Besides the welcome bonuses with their unique colorful and enjoyable graphics interface, makes the customer amusing. New players are going to get a special offer as a result of being a new recruit. That's another effect of the site. The way they treat people and offer them the beauty of their site is another good thing to have. Since 2006, Bertil casino became more popular afterward because of the full range of casino games. Also, the variety of slot and table games are the most popular ones which that is what people would like to have. Their customer support department on the other hand very fast and reliable. If the players occur with some malfunction or mistake, live support is right there anytime for them. Besides slots, poker, bingo and virtual games, there is also a live casino which contains a different atmosphere spending your time in that concept. Players can choose any type of the game they would like to get right away. Bertil online casino provides people the instant game chance.

What kind of available games are there?

Essentially, they have slots, table games, video pokers, progressive jackpot games, live casino games, bingo and all kind of stuff that you can imagine. If we look in depth through these titles; starburst, fruit spin, twin spin deluxe and more among them for slot games. For the table games there is going to be an assortment for the people who love this type of games. For example; blackjack, baccarat, roulette, oasis poker, red dog and others go along with them. Next up is video pokers continues like that.

Bertil casino review by customers

Customers are so pleasant because of the facility opportunities. Most of the wishes needed to be fulfilled by the employees who work on the site as a support team. That involves all kind of requirement which is necessary. If we take look in depth those requirements are having a fast response time which means whenever you send a question to the support team, they are responding to it as fast as possible. Other than that, their beautiful interface keeps the customers' mood happy and makes them stick to the internet site. Also, with the comfortable service they are providing and telephone contact makes it way too easier to be able to communicate. Bertil Sweden is the base of this foundation therefore the people who designed this site is to make sure that it is easy to use for the customers.

Transnational capability

Bertil casino also offers a chance to the other regions to gamble on their site. In order to do that they have created a system with multiple language opportunities. From any country who want to join to the site and play has a chance to try it easily. Once they choose their own main language they can start playing the whole kind of games they want. If any problem comes up to them, they can either solve it as they do to the other nationality. Also, their employees can communicate with those people who are in need. Except for some other countries due to the limited circumstances won`t be able to get the chance to play it very well.

Privacy and Security

Bertil casino internet site is very secured because of the encryption technology company they have offered so the firewall they built is very hard to break it into a part. Customer privacy is their priority to keep their important information's safe. The high technology they using is very reliable to keep the hackers away from this internet site and customers can play the games very insecure and safe. There will be also a Bertil bonus. New players will receive a welcome bonus which will be available for 7 days. People will be able to use on any game they are desired to play with. And you will be facing a money which is given by the website as a bonus. This amount will be the same as your current amount. If you want to keep the half of your money the system will make it whole again but it also depends on how much percentage the casino gives you. If you have 100% match bonus then it will double your money as a deposit. Also, there is another bonus which is called Bertil free spins. The only thing you have to the is the player needs to invite one of their friends and also they need to run out of the money then the bonus will be given by the game to the customer. It can be used by both of the players when this bonus is obtained. There will be a win as much as there will be a loss but they keep playing under these good circumstances safely. They can keep the slots and cards moving very relaxed. All of these are created to make a healthy environment. There won’t be any cheating or some other stuff like that.

Bertil mobile concept

This contains another bonus just like I have mentioned at the upper description. To be able to use get this bonus you need to spend all of your money but while you are doing that, you need to be at mobile platform. Afterward, you receive another bonus from the system. The reason is to keep the customer happy and also keep them playing the games. Because of that, you do not have to pause or quit the game. The Bertil casino gives the players other chances like these. The opportunities you will have is not limited. There are the bunch of bonuses waiting in there. presents to the customers a good way to have fun and easy to win with a good interface area. With these special offers and chances Bertil casino gives, you will be having a lot of fun while you are gambling and playing all kind of games. The game provides the customers a fair game also. About the card shufflers and dealers are independent. Anything in your sight and hearing will be perfectly fair and secured. Customers don't concern about almost anything because of the quality they are providing. The system they are using is very reliable about anything.

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